Graphic Sexual Content Assigned To Texas Students; Dissenting Parents Harassed With Anti-Christian…‘D**ks’


Students as young as 13 in Leander Independent School District, Austin, TX, have been exposed to graphic sexual content as part of their course work, including graphic verbal depictions of gang rape and other sexual acts. Much of the content is too explicit to post on this site, but a copy of an email sent to The Daily Wire containing extended passages can be found here (fair warning, it is nauseating). A sample (and comparably “tame”) passage from a book featured on an 11th grade reading list for the district reads: “she reached inside his pants, then into his underwear, and wrapped her hand around him. He bit down hard on his bottom lip, closed his eyes and waited for what came next. He was terrified of what came next.” You get the picture. According to parent Emily Long, parents were initially alerted to the problem in August of 2020 when children told their parents how uncomfortable they were in class. Unsurprisingly, parents in the district complained.

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