Erin O’Toole Says Canada Shouldn’t Sacrifice Our Values To Avoid Restrictions On Access To China’s Markets


It’s good to see leaders acknowledging that Canada must be prepared to pay a cost to speak out against the Communist State. Speaking to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole acknowledged that Canada could pay a financial price for speaking out against China. And we should be willing to pay that price, said O’Toole. “We have to, as a sort of Five Eyes Alliance, counterbalance some of the bad conduct by the Communist party of China and recognize that there could be some disruption to export to that country. I think we are prepared to weather that storm to do the right thing.” This is good to hear from O’Toole, as it is a rare example of a politician acknowledging the actual trade-offs that exist, and expressing a willingness to make those trade-offs. China will try to silence criticism and make countries compromise their values by threatening to cut off access to China’s markets, and by really cutting off that access.

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