Don Martin: After that devastating auditor general’s report, why does Tam still have a job?


The unwritten conclusion of that scathing auditor general’s report into how the Public Health Agency botched early pandemic detection is obvious: Replace Dr. Theresa Tam. That might sound harsh for the high-profile face who has been calmly cajoling Canadians to stay home, wash their hands and, after her change of mind last April, wear a face mask in public. But there’s no sugar-coating blame for the abysmally slow early detection and erroneous risk assessment of COVID-19 in Canada, as extensively documented in a report last week by the auditor general. The Public Health Agency of Canada is guardian of our health against external and domestic threats. Its failures can have life or death consequences. And if accountability for its systemic breakdowns mean anything, the chief must pay the price. Incredibly, Tam is largely unapologetic for insisting there was a low risk of COVID-19 spreading throughout Canada until five days after the global pandemic was declared last March 11.

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