Watch: Elizabeth May says lowering voting age to 16 would create a ‘healthier democracy’


Green Party MP and former Leader Elizabeth May took to the floor of the House of Commons on Wednesday to call for the voting age in Canada to be lowered to 16. “It’s an honour to present this bill, not for the first time, but reintroducing with some modifications, to change the Elections Act such that Canadians of 16 years and older can vote,” May began. “Certainly we see a crisis in the youngest demographic in this country not voting, clear empirical evidence such as that that we reviewed when we had a special committee on electoral reform pointed in the direction that people who start voting stick with their voting habits,” May continued. “Voting at 16 is a key way of refreshing, restarting, and rebooting our democracy,” she said. Lowering the voting age to 16 has long been a commitment for the Green Party, which has often derived much of its support from younger demographics.

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