Trudeau Government To Weaken Law That Restricts Individuals With Sicknesses & Disabilities From Immigrating To Canada


The governments own figures predict that this could lead to a large increase in healthcare costs. The Trudeau government is planning to change a rule that restricts people with illnesses and disabilities from immigrating to Canada. According to a report, “The federal government plans to permanently change the so-called “medical inadmissibility rule” against prospective permanent and temporary migrants who have a health condition that “might reasonably be expected to cause excessive demand” on Canadian health or social services. The excessive demand cost is linked to average Canadian per capita health and social services. The cost threshold against migrants is updated yearly. In 2020, it was set at $21,204.” On the official government page the Canada Gazette, the government claimed the current restrictions – which the Liberals have already weakened – were not ‘inclusive.’

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