Reddit is trying to hide that they hired pedophile ‘enabler’ trans activist


After sitting on nearly a week of intense backlash from Reddit users over a controversial hire, the website has finally announced their firing of admin Aimee Challenor. Challenor’s past and current associations are filled with pedophiles. She is a disgraced UK politician who was kicked out of several political parties, including the Green Party due to her appointment of her father, David Challenor as her campaign manager. At the time of Challenor hiring her father, he was out on bail for raping and torturing a 10 year-old girl. He had also been found guilty of 20 other crimes. Aimee lived with him at the time he committed many of them. Aimee then went on to marry Nathaniel Knight who has posted to social media that he fantasizes about child sex and mind-control of children to engage with adults. Reddit’s response to the massive wave of controversy found on many of its subreddits was to begin banning and censoring anyone who even mentioned Challenor’s name. After nearly a week of shutting down popular subreddits such as r/GenderCritical, they finally fired Challenor once the media took notice.

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