Fact Check: McKenna claimed farmers, Indigenous groups supported the carbon tax


Following the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to uphold the federal carbon tax, Liberal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Catherine McKenna falsely claimed on Twitter that a number of groups, including farmers, “supported pricing pollution.” In her tweet, McKenna gave the erroneous impression that the federal levy had the support of a large swathe of society including interest groups such as farmers, Indigenous groups and economists, which have traditionally held diverse and dissenting opinions with regard to pricing pollution. Since the government first announced their carbon tax, a number of individual farmers and farmers groups have denounced the federal levy. In 2019, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) issued a condemnation of the carbon tax claiming that farmers would “bear the cost of this tax, shrinking our margins even further.” “(WCWGA) believes that the coalition opposing the federal carbon tax is the right and necessary step. For example, Saskatchewan grain is sold into the global market and the imposition of a carbon tax makes our grain less competitive.

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