Biden was strong, sure and focused in first press conference


President Joe Biden met the press for just over an hour Thursday, and demonstrated a firm grasp on the major challenges facing the nation and his plans on how to deal with them and move the country to a better place. After four years of TV performances and bald-faced lies from Donald Trump, what we saw on television Thursday was a leader with a rock-solid political center and a big vision that could rival Franklin Roosevelt or Lyndon Johnson when it comes to improving the lives of middle – and working-class Americans. Biden made some news saying he expected to run again in 2024 and to do so with Vice President Kamala Harris. He said his administration is moving 1,000 children from what he called “god-awful facilities” on the border to Fort Bliss. And he spoke with much detail and enthusiasm about a $3 trillion infrastructure plan he is about to unveil, which will mean jobs and better airports, water ports and roads for Americans. This was not an over-the-hill, one-term caretaker at the podium Thursday. This was someone who seemed not just fit for the many known challenges of today, but also the unknown and perhaps even bigger challenges of the future.

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