Trudeau Government Slammed For Continuing To Give Your Taxpayer Dollars To China’s Infrastructure Bank


“We should also be looking at using other tools at our disposal to put pressure on Chinese authorities, such as withdrawing from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank … banning Huawei from the build-out of Canada’s telecommunications network, and a range of other measures,” says Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic Michael Chong. At this very moment, with the two Michaels jailed in China and being put through clearly-rigged show-trials, your taxpayer dollars are being given to an infrastructure bank controlled by Communist China. Payments to the Asian Infrastructure Bank are continuing, with the Trudeau government having recently given $40 million USD to the China-controlled bank. In response, the Conservatives have slammed the government and demanded the payment be cancelled. In a letter, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said “When the AIIB was first proposed it was criticized by the Obama administration as a political tool that the Chinese government would use to expand its influence throughout Asia. Furthermore, concerns about the AIIB’s environmental records, labour standards, and overall commitment to human rights continue to this day.”

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