WALSH: Race-Baiting Media Sounds Alarm Over ‘White Violence.’ Here Are The Facts They Won’t Tell You


The events of the last few weeks seem to have sparked a renewed conversation about the threat posed by, in the words of a recent USA Today headline, “white violence.” Despite the fact that the Boulder shooter wasn’t even white (though all of his victims were) and a lack of evidence that the Atlanta shooter was motivated by race, the emerging narrative is that both incidents stemmed from an alleged pandemic of white brutality. A quick trip through Google will pull up countless articles and editorials with phrases like “white rage” and “weaponized whiteness” and “the threat of whiteness.” As Kamala Harris’s niece Meena Harris put it in a now-deleted tweet, “violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.” The website MLive has a story this week about black people in Michigan who are afraid to walk through the suburbs for fear of violence from whites. It’s reported that increasing numbers of black people are purchasing guns in order to defend themselves against these hordes of white villains.

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