Liberal ministers will tell staff to disobey any Commons committees summons: government house leader


Federal Liberal cabinet ministers will instruct their staff not to appear if called to any parliamentary committees in an attempt to curb what they call an “abuse of power” by opposition parties. The Conservatives are seeking to summon political staff and civil servants to testify about the WE Charity affair and about how the government handled a sexual-misconduct allegation against the country’s top soldier. Liberal House leader Pablo Rodriguez says it has long been a practice of Parliament for the buck to stop with cabinet ministers when it comes to who is held responsible and questioned at committee. The Conservatives’ motion Thursday is nothing but a “heavy handed” form of partisan intimidation, Rodriguez said. “Members of this House are protected from intimidation through our parliamentary privilege. It is irresponsible for members to turn this protection into weapons against those who are not covered by these protections,” Rodriguez said in the House of Commons Thursday morning.

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