Liberal Government Busted Paying People To Praise Hajdu’s Department: Blacklock’s


When you do such a bad job that nobody is willing to praise you legitimately, paying people is the only option, and the Liberals are using your tax dollars to do it. Blacklock’s Reporter has revealed that Patty Hajdu’s department is paying ‘influencers’ to praise their work on social media: “.@GovCanHealth paying “influencers” to say nice things in social media aft Dept faulted for #pandemic mismanagement. Minor celebrities will “build the dept’s credibility” and must not “tarnish Health Canada’s or the Gov’t of Canada’s reputation.”” Here’s an excerpt of the report (the rest is paywalled): “Health Minister Patricia Hajdu’s department is paying people to say nice things about it on Twitter and Facebook. The department yesterday said it will pay minor celebrities to tout its work “as a trusted source of health information” on social media after being faulted for pandemic mismanagement: “We are continuously adapting and learning.””

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