Biden says he would ‘be flattered’ if migrants are surging because of him


President Biden on Thursday said he would “be flattered” if migrants were surging to the US-Mexico border because of him — but denied he was to blame for the crisis and insisted that migration waves generally happen this time of year. Biden faced multiple questions about the border debacle at his first formal White House press conference, including about migrants who are telling reporters they were motivated to illegally enter the US because of the perception Biden would welcome them. “Well look, I guess I should be flattered if people are coming because I’m the nice guy — that’s the reason why it’s happening — that I’m a decent man, or however it’s phrased, that’s why they are coming, because they know Biden’s a good guy.” He added: “But the truth of the matter is, nothing has changed. As many people came — 28 percent increase in children at the border in my administration. Thirty-one percent in the last year — in 2019, before the pandemic in the Trump administration. This happens every single, solitary year.”

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