AG Report: Public Health Agency “Not Adequately Prepared” For Pandemic, Government Lost Track Of Majority Of ‘Quarantined Travellers’


This report has confirmed what many people have already known: The response was incompetent in multiple areas, yet the same incompetent individuals remain in charge. The Auditor General has released their findings into federal governments pandemic response. It is quite a devastating portrayal, noting the government was “not adequately prepared” for the pandemic, failed to effectively use the pandemic warning system (which the government had gutted), and failed to track whether incoming travellers were actually quarantining. What this means is simply to confirm what many people had said early on: When the government had a chance to contain the virus, they instead spent their time virtue-signalling about ‘racism’ and ‘prejudice,’ left the country wide open, and failed to get tough when being tough could have done something. Only long after it was already spreading in the country and it was far too late to really do anything, the government ruthlessly cracked down and infringed on civil liberties, destroyed countless small businesses, and used the virus as a pretext to massively expand centralized government power.

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