Trudeau says he doesn’t regret not closing border sooner


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that he would not have closed Canada’s borders any sooner if given another chance to do so. During an interview on SiriusXM’s Canada Talks Wednesday, Trudeau told host Peter Mansbridge he wished he had handled some things in the early days of the pandemic differently, but when he closed the border wasn’t one of them. “When you look back now, are there things you wish you would have done sooner?” Mandbridge asked Trudeau. “Sure, I wish we stocked up on PPE to a much greater degree as soon as we saw things coming. I wish we would have known to fully check all the stockpiles and see whether everything was up where it needed to be and whether we had the ability to handle a mass respiratory pandemic across the country in our hospitals,” Trudeau replied. “What about closing borders? Would you have closed those earlier, do you think?” said Manbridge. “No, you know that’s one that’s really easy to look back on and say ‘Okay, yeah, if we just sealed the country completely it would have been a totally different spring,’” Trudeau said.

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