‘Prophet’ claims military carrying out coup to reinstate Donald Trump as president


A self-proclaimed “prophet” has declared Donald Trump is the legitimate US president – and that the Pentagon is preparing a coup against Joe Biden. Minister Jeff Jansen is one of a gaggle of US pastors and preachers who “prophesied” Donald Trump would overwhelmingly win the 2020 election. It was “God’s will”, they insisted. When their prophecy fell through, many changed tack. “You have to realise what’s taken place in our nation has been a hostile takeover,” Jansen, the founder of Global Fire Ministries, proclaimed on a YouTube interview earlier this month. “It’s a tale of two presidents … because president Trump has never conceded. It’s just one of a multitude of inciting sermons that has the US Homeland Security Department concerned. It’s secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, last week warned violent extremism was the “single greatest terrorism-related threat”. “We are focused on gathering intelligence and information and sharing it in actionable form with our state, local, tribal and territorial partners,” he said. And there’s plenty of it out there, sitting in plain sight. It’s precisely the sort of ministry that US intelligence agencies believe “will almost certainly” lead to more violence.

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