Ontario Parks testing flat fees, forcing many backcountry campers to pay at least three times more for sites


Ontario Parks has been quietly running a pilot project in which it charges a flat fee, forcing many campers to pay at least 300 per cent more for a backcountry site than previous seasons. The provincial government is in its second year of testing the flat fees for backcountry camping at the Massasauga and the Temagami cluster of parks, charging $40.75 and $32.50 per night respectively, regardless of the size of a group. Previously, campers were charged $9 a night per person. “These pilot fee changes make backcountry camping fees consistent with our flat-rate per-campsite car camping fee model,” a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) said in an email to CTVNews.ca. Canoe enthusiast and bestselling author Kevin Callan, a.k.a. The Happy Camper, told CTVNews.ca that people who like to trek solo or as a couple are getting the sticky end of the marshmallow stick while organized groups and larger families end up paying less.

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