On gender madness, don’t let Canada be the future


Jordan Peterson became world-famous in 2016 because he stood up to Canada’s human rights law, which made it a crime to “misgender” someone. Since then, Canada has slid even further into gender totalitarianism. The latest example is a Canadian man who was sent to prison for refusing to adopt his teenage daughter’s new masculine pronouns. The father and mother were not raising the child together, so it was only when his daughter was 13 that the father learned that the girl’s public school and his ex-wife had been working with the child to turn her into a boy. This included pushing the child to take hormones to mimic male sexual attributes such as facial hair and a deep voice. The father (who cannot be identified under Canadian law because doing so would also identify his daughter) went to court, saying that he needed to give parental consent before his child was permanently mutilated. Not only did a British Columbia court rule against him, saying the father’s consent wasn’t necessary, but the appellate judges also lectured him to understand gender dysphoria better.

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