Italian doctors association is successfully treating COVID with HCQ and Vitamin D


The recent judgement of Lazio’s Regional Administrative Tribunal in Italy has triggered the angry reaction of the “guardians of the revolution,” the fashionable virologists always ready to deny the possibility of treatment. It has demolished the incredible Italian governmental thesis according to which, in order to treat COVID, one must limit oneself to the use of Paracetamol and remain in “watchful waiting”, and then send the patient to A&E. It has also endorsed the home-care protocol issued by the Piedmont Region, which provides for the use of those drugs prescribed successfully in recent months by brave doctors who have not complied with government directives. Once again the most intransigent denialism is used against Hydroxychloroquine, but also against other drugs. Yet the work of doctors treating patients offers a very different picture, and these are not merely empirical experiences. We should be talking about actual Real Life Research: scientific research conducted in the field, not in the laboratory or on mathematical models. One of the associations most committed to this activity of hands-on care, in response to patients’ often desperate and unheard health needs, is IppocrateOrg.

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