How Jennifer Weisselberg could cause Donald Trump’s downfall


Jennifer Weisselberg spent last week making the rounds at media outlets to announce that she has been interviewed “multiple times” about the finances of former President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. Word on the street is that prosecutors in the Manhattan district attorney’s office are looking to flip the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, whose son Barry was married to Jennifer for 14 years. Allen is Trump’s longest-serving executive at the Trump Organization; he has gone from being just a bookkeeper in 1973 to his current role atop the company. He is known for his loyalty and years of service not only to the former president but also to his father, Fred Trump. Weisselberg also claims that Trump and her former in-laws paid for most of their living expenses while they were married. Consider the following: Weisselberg told NBC News that she believed that as a wedding present, Trump gifted her and her ex-husband an apartment overlooking Central Park. For seven years, they did not pay any rent and had to pay only for their utilities. She told Reuters that she has provided to Vance’s team, among other things, the tax and financial records for her and her ex-husband.

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