The Times is trying to gaslight you about the summer’s riots


We should have expected this: Nine months after the death of George Floyd triggered a massive wave of riots and looting, The New York Times has issued a lengthy report about what happened — and blamed it all on the police. In a recent front-page story headlined, “In City After City, Police Mishandled Black Lives Matter Protests,” the paper predictably lays the entire blame on cops, rather than on radicals who wrecked commercial districts and caused at least 25 deaths and thousands of injuries. In the heat of the crisis, mainstream outlets called the riots “protests.” It was an eye-wateringly brazen attempt at gaslighting, belied, in some cases, by reporters claiming the “protesters” were “mostly peaceful,” even as the cityscapes behind them were ablaze. The same outlets, of course, had no trouble using the “r” word about the events of Jan. 6 on Capitol Hill. Indeed, they soon reframed the Trumpian hooligans’ riot in Washington as an “insurrection,” demanding a post-9/11-style response from the government. We must never forget “1/6,” the Times insists, even as it tries to memory-hole the summer’s anarchic turmoil.

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