Mitch McConnell Warns About Democrats’ Plot to ‘Win Elections in Perpetuity’


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell warned that Democrats are trying to use their majorities in the House and the Senate to give themselves a political advantage in every future election. The Kentucky Republican criticized the Democrats’ so-called For the People Act, HR 1 and S1, in an interview Tuesday on the conservative “Ruthless” podcast. The legislation would overhaul the American voting system. Among other things, it would force states to promote mail-in voting, allow convicted felons to vote, automatically register voters and allow same-day registration. It also would change the makeup of the Federal Election Commission from six members (three from each party) to five. “They want to change the system to benefit themselves, and they want to have, instead of a referee, they want the FEC to be a prosecutor,” McConnell said. “So this is not about anything other than trying to help the Democrats win elections in perpetuity.”

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