Health Canada issuing blood clot warning for AstraZeneca vaccine, insists it’s still safe


Health Canada is issuing a warning to Canadians planning on taking the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, warning that it could cause blood clots, Global News reports. Reports of people having blood clots after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine began to emerge in Europe earlier this month, with a number of countries suspending the vaccine altogether until the cause of the blood clots could be established. Many of the countries that suspended the vaccine reinstated it shortly afterward. Four people have reportedly suffered from blood clots after taking the vaccine out of over 20 million who have received it, and no evidence has been provided suggesting that the vaccine caused the blood clots. The European Medicines Agency noted that the number of vaccinated individuals who developed blood clots was not higher than among the general population. Many health experts believe that the blood clots are a mere coincidence and have nothing to do with the vaccine, noting that clinical trials on the vaccine did not find blood clots as a potential side effect. A recent clinical trial conducted in the United States found no evidence that the vaccine causes blood clots.

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