Trudeau’s legacy: Humiliation, weakness, and an abandonment of our values


That said, it can at least be somewhat accepted if that result is worth it. But when you sell out, and get nothing in return, it’s a total disaster. And that’s what we are seeing with the China policy of the Trudeau government. The ongoing weakness of the Trudeau government towards China has included the following: No crackdown on Huawei – in fact even expanding research partnerships with them. No strong travel advisories for Canadians against going to China. No warning to Canadians in China to leave China. No imposition of tariffs on products from China. No move to decouple our economies. No move to reduce Canadian universities’ dependence on foreign students from China. No move to crackdown on China’s distortion of Canada’s housing market. The only real defence for all of that was to avoid ‘antagonizing China’ in order to secure the return of the two Michaels.

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