At U.S.-Mexico border, a new U.S. president spurs hope and rush to enter


Central American migrants flock to U.S. border point in hope of easier entry under Joe Biden’s administration “I came for a better future for my child,” said Mejia, who is hoping to reunite with her brother in Houston and apply for asylum. She says she had already lost her job due to the COVID -19 pandemic, before two hurricanes in November devastated Honduras. Her son turned five on the month-long trek from Honduras. They came alone, vulnerable and reliant on smugglers. “I was very afraid,” she said, her eyes filling with tears. But her eyes light up when asked about whether Joe Biden becoming U.S. president influenced her decision to come to the border: “Yes, after he put out that immigrants could come over, I felt it would be a better future, that they might give us documents to be legal in this country.”

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