Trudeau’s Inability To Take Responsibility Is An Ongoing Embarrassment


He has blamed everyone but himself for the incompetent vaccine procurement of the federal government, and has failed to acknowledge that his approach to China has been a complete failure. In a recent article, Licia Corbella of the Calgary Herald pointed out how Justin Trudeau has gone so far as to blame former PM Brian Mulroney for Canada’s inability to produce vaccines. “For months now, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has blamed everyone for Canada’s trickle of COVID-19 vaccines but himself. Trudeau and his ministers have gone so far as to blame former Progressive Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney — who was prime minister from 1984 to 1993 — for the privatization, or “the selling off“, of Connaught Laboratories. What he fails to mention is that Connaught Labs didn’t go anywhere. It’s now part of Sanofi Pasteur, the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines. The Connaught Campus in Toronto accounts for one-fifth of the company’s global vaccine sales.” Of course, Trudeau’s refusal to take responsibility now appears to be a near-pathological trait.

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