Government-sponsored erasure of women’s rights advances with the word ‘female’ being banned on International Women’s Day


According to research on the “cancellation” of conservative thinkers in academia, gender-critical academics are the most beleaguered of all. In his recent Quillette article, “The Threat to Academic Freedom: From Anecdotes to Data,” University of London professor Eric Kaufmann writes, “just 28 percent of American and Canadian academics, and barely a third of British academics, would have lunch with someone opposed to the idea of transwomen accessing a women’s shelter. Alongside evidence that gender-critical feminists have been no-platformed more than any other group, this suggests that they face the highest level of discrimination of any political minority in academia.” It is one of the great ironies of contemporary culture that “gender critical” feminists, who represent what most of us would consider normative feminism, a rights movement whose raison d’être is the promotion of the rights and protection of women as a sex, are now lumped in with conservatives. In fact, they are feminists who remained true to feminism in its existential incarnation, which was at the time considered very left-wing.

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