No to Islamic Republic of Iran’ social media protest gains traction


Campaign calls for boycott of Iran’s ‘pseudo-democratic’ presidential election. Iranian dissidents and Iranians living in the Islamic Republic are using the social media phrase “No to the Islamic Republic” to form greater connective tissue between their aspirations for a new society. “Launched in just the last few weeks with a plain but captivating slogan and graphic, the international ‘No to the Islamic Republic!’ (or ‘N2IR’) campaign is a call to any and all who oppose a regime that has left no Iranian family untouched by its evil,“ wrote Mariam Memarsadeghi, an advocate for a democratic Iran, on the website of The Bulwark on Wednesday. She added that the campaign embodies a “concerted people-power campaign for the peaceful overthrow of the Islamic Republic and transition to liberal democracy is a testament to the Iranians’ refusal to play by the rules of their oppressors any longer.”

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