When Will Canadians Have Enough Of Our Country Being So Reliant On Others?


There is no reason why Canada should be so lacking in self-sufficiency, yet here we are. Canada is increasingly reliant on foreign countries for just about everything. Our wildly inflated housing market is juiced in large part by massive foreign investment (much of it from China). We can’t make our own vaccines. We can’t produce enough of our own PPE. We import energy from places like Saudi Arabia, despite having a gigantic amount of energy reserves. We don’t manufacture much here anymore. Most of our advanced technology is made in foreign countries. We constantly hear about how all we can do is rely on the US to help the two Michaels. Our military depends almost entirely on things made in the US and Europe. And it has reached humiliating proportions. The Trudeau government bragged about how they had ‘secured the most vaccines per capita,’ but we have instead been desperately trying to get our hands on whatever we can, while other countries push far ahead.

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