The media is desperate to call everything ‘white supremacy’ and they won’t let facts get in the way


A mass murder took place on Tuesday. The suspect is in custody, and while unlike some mass shooters who came before, who spoke about their race or religious based hatred for the people they killed, this suspect has blamed his sex addiction. But it doesn’t matter. The media and politicians are intent on framing this crime to suit their narrative that white supremacy is to blame. They look at the eight victims, six of whom were Asian, they look at the suspect, a young, white man, and they assume—from appearances alone—that the man undertook his crime for the purpose of satisfying his racist hatred for Asian Americans. If what police and suspect say is true, however, and the suspect was acting as a result of his sex and porn addiction, then this is not a case of Asian American hatred, but a classic case of misogyny. He is more likely to have killed these women because he was attracted to them than because they were of a race that he hates because he views them according to a set of stereotypes that make him think that he is superior to them because of his skin color.

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