Lawsuit Reveals Illegal Alien Convicts Are Being Set Free Into American Communities, Thanks to Biden


Congratulations, President Biden: Your ill-considered immigration policies aren’t just screwing up the southern border. Now, mind you, that’s where most of the screwups are manifesting themselves. Remember all of that outrage when the Trump administration detained unaccompanied minors? When people called it “kids in cages?” It’s all back! I mean, minus all the outrage about it. Apparently, there aren’t a whole lot of Democrats or media types willing to hold Biden responsible for not formulating a policy to deal with the inevitable deluge of migrants attracted by his promise to reverse the Trump administration’s immigration policies on day one. But no, this isn’t about that, Mr. President. Apparently, Florida’s feeling the pinch, too, and not because Cuba restarted the Mariel Boatlift.

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