It Turns Out That Promising Free Stuff To Illegal Immigrants … Causes More Illegal Immigration


Fourteen months ago, ten candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination stood on a debate stage, hands raised high. After the debate moderator asked them collectively whether they would offer free healthcare to illegal immigrants, in a race to prove their progressive credentials, ten hands shot into the sky — though some candidates surely were tempted to raise two hands as an indicator of their zeal for the idea. Among those raising their hands were now-President Joe Biden and now-Vice President Kamala Harris. That night, Democratic candidates for president sent a clear message to the rest of the world — particularly those considering crossing our border illegally. As long as there was a Democrat in the White House, America would become a land where those who flouted our immigration laws would not be turned away, but instead offered a litany of “free” services, be it education, healthcare, or housing.

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