CNN viewership plummeted after Trump left office


CNN’s viewership has tanked since President Donald Trump left office — with new data showing the liberal network lost nearly half of its prime-time audience in a key demographic since January. An average of 2.5 million primetime viewers tuned in to CNN from Nov. 4 — the day after the presidential election — through Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, Fox News reported. But the network has only averaged 1.6 million primetime viewers from Jan. 21 through March 15 — once President Biden took office. Following the Election Day surge, viewership during the 8 p.m.-to-11 p.m. prime-time slot plunged 36 percent since Biden took office. The network also lost 47 percent of the key 25-to-54 age group during that period. When it came to total day audience numbers, CNN saw a 34 percent drop — from 1.7 million viewers from Nov. 4 through Jan. 20 to 1.1 million since Biden took office.

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