Will immigrants save the Republican Party?


For some time now, I have had the delicious thought that the open borders immigration policies of the Democrats just might be the very salvation of the Republican Party —which would be rich irony. Conventional wisdom has long held that immigrants will be reliable Democrat voters. I think that assumption is questionable at best. Why? 1. From what I have observed, the majority of Hispanic immigrants are hard and dependable workers who seem to understand that gainful employment and earnest effort are their keys to a better life — not government handouts. The current Democrat party doesn’t appeal much to that self-reliant mindset. 2. Very many Hispanics are deeply religious people. It’s not hard to see that the left is no friend of religion. 3. Hispanic immigrants are actually fleeing socialist — or socialist-leaning — governments. Why would they cast their votes for another socialist-leaning government? I don’t think immigrants are stupid! And they have personal experience with where socialism leads.

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