Liberals Lead By 4 Points Over CPC


A new survey by Angus Reid shows the Liberals still in the lead, with a four point advantage over the Conservatives. Going from West to East, the Liberals lead the CPC by 2 points in BC (33% to 31%), while the Conservatives lead the Liberals in Alberta (56% to 19%), Saskatchewan (56% to 17%), and Manitoba (43% to 26%). The Liberals lead the Conservatives 38% to 32% in Ontario, and lead the Bloc 37% to 27% in Quebec, with the CPC at 17%. The Liberals also lead the CPC in New Brunswick (39% to 29%), Nova Scotia (44% to 27%), and Newfoundland & Labrador (50% to 29). PEI data was not released by Angus Reid due to small sample size. The Conservatives lead among men of all age groups, with 33% support among men aged 18-34, 41% among men aged 35-54, and 43% among men aged 55 and up. However, that advantage is erased by the Liberals’ large lead among women, as they beat the Conservatives among women aged 18-34% (33% to 18%), among women aged 35-54 (40% to 24%), and among women aged 55 and up (45% to 28%).

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