Democrats never cared about border security — and now they’re proving it


Are Democrats still doing that thing where they pretend to believe in “border security” — or have they completely given that lie up? It’s hard to tell anymore, with the monstrous border situation happening at this very moment. The truth is: Democrats have never believed in “border security,” and the current mess President Biden has us in is the ultimate proof. Having heard Biden’s siren call to care for anyone and everyone who crosses into Texas, Central Americans and Mexicans are coming to the southern border by the tens of thousands every week. Each new “asylum claim” is more often than not a charity case for the American taxpayer. Yet Democrats have never seen that as a problem. They have long professed some vague allegiance to “border security,” but oddly enough, it never manifests itself in actual policy outside of spending more money on “technology,” whatever that means.

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