Border Officials Under ‘Gag Order,’ Barred From Speaking To Press Amid Immigration Crisis: Report


Customs and Border Protection officials are reportedly under an unofficial “gag order” and barred from talking to the press amid a worsening situation at the border. Illegal immigrants continue to flood into the U.S., largely motivated by President Joe Biden’s lax policies on border security and soft messaging from his administration. As the crisis continues to worsen, the Biden administration has barred Border Patrol officials from speaking to the press or allowing journalists to tour border facilities, according to NBC News. Such measures were never instituted to such an extent throughout the Trump administration. The new restrictions have not been detailed in an official memo but passed down through the ranks verbally, according to NBC. News of the “gag order” follows a Tuesday report suggesting that the number of unaccompanied children at the border is three times higher than previously believed.

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