Woman gets tattoo remotely from robotic arm in ‘world first’


It’s the perfect way to get inked during a pandemic. A woman in the Netherlands has received a tattoo remotely by an artist more than 300 miles away in the UK — made possible with 5G cellular technology and the latest in robotics. The futuristic stunt was organized by T-Mobile Netherlands and London-based technologist Noel Drew as part of a marketing campaign to demonstrate the power of 5G. London ink artist Wes Thomas was enlisted to operate the robot appendage, with tattoo needle attached, to reproduce one of his abstract designs onto the inner forearm of Dutch actress Stijn Fransen. “The 5G tattoo may have been a world first, but it was [also] an authentic use of cutting-edge technology, combined with an ancient art, to tell a very human story,” Drew told PCMag earlier this month.

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