Meghan the Martyr


Only in America, as Yogi Berra would say, could a duchess who’s worth a cool $50 mill (give or take), lives in a 18,671-sq.-ft., $14.7 million mansion, travels the world on private jets lecturing the hoi polloi on over-consumption of fossil fuels, and whose every idiotic utterance is eagerly reported by the celeb media, still see herself a victim. Meet Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, wife of Dumb Prince Harry, who has made victimhood her bling. In all of human history, no one has suffered like her, she told Oprah last week. Britain’s royal family has been just beastly to her, she revealed. Her sister-in-law argued with her about the dress she wore to a wedding. (Shocking!) Her son wasn’t given a title to which he isn’t entitled. And an unnamed royal reportedly told Prince Hubby that he hoped little Archie wouldn’t turn out to be too dark. Meghan is mixed-race. When it comes to victimhood, there’s no card like the race card.

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