Watch: Poilievre catches Kielburgers red-handed with message thanking PMO senior advisor


Craig Kielburger was caught in an apparent lie during Monday’s Parliamentary Ethics hearing, after interrogation from Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre. Mr. Poilievre asked the Kielburgers what, if any, role Trudeau’s Senior Advisor Ben Chin had in setting up the dealings between the Trudeau government and WE Charity. After the two said that there was no interaction, Poilievre pointed to a message exchange on LinkedIn wherein Craig Kielburger messaged the PMO’s Ben Chin thanking him for “shaping our latest program with the government.” Chin replied, “Thanks Craig, let’s get our young working.” To explain the flub, Craig said that it was a LinkedIn welcoming message not actually written by himself, despite the message having been signed to his name.

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