Rogers fines 91-year-old woman unable to return equipment due to lockdown


The family of a 91-year-old woman is outraged Rogers had demanded she pay hundreds of dollars for failing to return phone and internet equipment while her Ottawa long-term care home was under lockdown. The family cancelled those services for Joan Davis in early May after noticing her dementia was worsening and she was struggling to use them. They kept basic cable to help her pass the time. Her daughter, Lori Davis, says Rogers told the family a technician would pick up the equipment, but never showed. What did show up was a bill for the unreturned equipment — more than $450 which, by this month, had grown to almost $565. “Rogers had no room for consideration or compassion,” Lori, who lives in Kingston, Ont., told Go Public. “It’s not about people, it’s only about profits.”

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