Watch: Man attacked on Montreal street for campaigning against giving puberty blockers to children


Chris Elston, an activist who lives in Vancouver and has been travelling to campaign against giving puberty blockers to children, was attacked by a group on a downtown Montreal street on Friday night. “I’m all good. Just waiting for an x-ray on my forearm but I’ll be fine. I used it to block several pylon hits. They took my sign with the bodycam but I managed to film them with my phone during the tail end of the assault,” tweeted Elston optimistically. The group of thugs, including an apparent female, attacked Elston at St. Catherine near Guy St., smashing his sign, stealing his bodycam, and repeatedly hitting him with a traffic cone. He has been a vocal opponent of the SOGI 1 2 3 curriculum in his native BC and has started travelling around the country to raise awareness about how children are, according to him, having their lives ruined by drugs and sometimes even surgery at very young ages.

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