Top Reagan Admin Official Predicts Biden’s Term Will Mark the End of the Progressive Era


Donald Devine, who served as a top official and adviser in the Reagan administration, believes the ascension of Joe Biden to the presidency along with the Democrats taking the reins of Congress should be viewed as an opportunity for conservatives. “I think in some ways this [new administration] is a great thing for conservatives because it’s clear that President Biden and [with Democrats in] control of both houses of Congress, they are going to do pretty much everything they want to do over the next couple of years,” Devine told The Western Journal on Thursday. That was the same day Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act into law with no Republican support. The former director of the Office of Personnel Management under former President Ronald Reagan contended that the problem with the ambitious big government agenda Biden has laid out is that it simply will not work — given its reliance on the notoriously unwieldy, and often inept, bureaucratic state.

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