Three-year-old girl dies, best friend seriously ill after eating breakfast at sleepover


The mother of a three-year-old Toronto girl says her daughter is dead and another child is seriously sick after they became suddenly ill moments after they ate breakfast during a sleepover this weekend. Maurine Mirembe told CTV News Toronto that her daughter, Bernice Nantanda Wamala, slept over at her friend’s apartment on Saturday night, which is located on a different level in the same apartment building where they live in Scarborough. She said everything was fine until the two girls ate cereal for breakfast on Sunday morning. Mirembe said she received a call from the other girl’s mother to tell her that Bernice was having some type of reaction and was vomiting. “When I went upstairs, I found Bernice laying in a chair,” Mirembe said. “She was so weak and when I checked her mouth it was grey.”

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