Hitler kept secret hit list of 3,000 prominent Brits for after Nazis defeated UK


Author Sybil Oldfield reveals the Gestapo’s infamous ‘Black Book’ and the plan to Nazify Britain by rounding up the Jews – and non-Jews – who stood in the Third Reich’s way LONDON — The names were nothing if not eclectic. From actors to astrophysicists, future presidents to poets, and spies to scientists, the Nazis’ secret list of the nearly 3,000 prominent Britons they intended to round up had they invaded the UK was characteristically thorough. The discovery of the so-called “Black Book” at the end of the war provoked a number of wry comments from some of those whose names it contained. “My dear, the people we should have been seen dead with,” wrote the author Rebecca West to playwright Noel Coward, while the cartoonist David Low quipped: “That is all right. I had them on my list too.”

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