Watch: Vulgar hot mic moment caught during Toronto City Council meeting


The rise in virtual meetings has seen a number of embarrassing “hot mic” moments, the latest of which took place Wednesday evening during a Toronto City Council meeting over Zoom. After nearly 11 hours of debating, around 8:15 pm speaker Frances Nunziata announced that they would continue for another 45 minutes and defer the rest of the agenda until April, according to BlogTO. Councillor Paula Fletcher asked, “Excuse me, Speaker. Why is the rest of the agenda being deferred until April?” at which point one irritated member of the Zoom call quipped “Because [you] f*cking can’t get your sh*t done.” Nunziata replied to Fletcher by saying “Because we want to finish by 9 o’clock” as other members of the call asked, “who said that?” Suspicion was immediately cast on councillor Paul Ainslie of Scarborough-Guildwood, with Nunziata demanding “Councillor Ainslie, you owe us an apology,” before the true culprit spoke up after a moment’s silence.

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