Watch: Rempel Garner presents largest parliamentary petition in history calling for end to Trudeau gun grab


Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner presented the largest petition to parliament in Canadian history calling upon the Trudeau government to end its targeting of law-abiding gun owners. The petition, signed by 230,000 Canadians, demands a federal crackdown on gang violence and gun smuggling while lifting regulations on law-abiding gun owners. “Over 230,000 Canadians have signed a petition to stop firearms violence in Canada,” Rempel said. “This petition acknowledges that firearms violence in Canada is caused by firearms that are smuggled in illegally from countries like the United States and are related to gang violence.” Data from Toronto appears to support this assertion, with former police chief Mark Saunders having previously admitted that more than 80 percent of gun violence in Toronto took place using firearms illegally smuggled from the United States.

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