OWENS: It’s Time To Stop Apologizing


The media has done a really good job of creating a caricature of Candace Owens. If you get all your news from establishment sites, you’ll find a Candace who’s always on the defense, angry, outraged, upset. But that just couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister. People I’ve worked with have frequently told me they’re surprised to discover that I have a sense of humor, yet humor is one of the qualities that defines me. But the reality of who I am has been completely stripped away in this age of media propaganda that’s intent on casting people as either good or evil, woke or bigot. A growing number of people understand how this feels because it’s not just celebrities and people with high-profile social media pages who’ve found their true selves stripped away — whether by the media, social media, or woke scolds at work.

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