Watch: Harris Pressed To Give A Comment On Andrew Cuomo Amid Alleged Sexual Misconduct Scandal


Vice President Kamala Harris ignored a question from a reporter on Wednesday about the scandals facing New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo. Harris has faced criticism for not calling out Cuomo as he faces allegations of sexual misconduct because Harris was quick to go on the attack against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Harris blew off the question after she spoke briefly with reporters after the House passed the Senate’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package. “…for the families of America, for the small businesses, it’s a very important day in terms of what we are now going to be able to do to make sure that everyone has access to the help they need,” Harris said. “I know people call this a stimulus package, but in so many [inaudible] people are just trying to survive, and I give full credit to Joe Biden because this was his vision and he really put a lot of work and thought into this.”

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