Trudeau Liberals ‘double down on fake investment,’ say Conservatives


Conservative Party MPs released a statement accusing the Trudeau Liberals of “doubling down” on a fake investment of $30 million to a Nova Scotia PPE manufacturer. “The simple fact is that no investment exists,” wrote Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Services and Procurement, and Chris d’Entremont, Conservative MP for West Nova. The statement calls on the Liberals to stop their campaign of “misleading Canadians on their fake investments.” “Minister Anand and Liberal MP Lenore Zann have doubled down on their false statements that they provided an almost $30 million investment to Stanfield’s in Truro, NS to produce PPE. “The Conservatives, however, say no such investment exists, and that the company has not received a dime of funding, instead having to lay off staff. “The owner of Stanfield’s has clearly stated that the Liberal government has invested zero dollars into his company, a fact supported by the Public Service Alliance of Canada. It’s inexcusable that while 150 workers were recently laid off at Stanfield’s, the Liberals are making up fake investments of almost $30 million.

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